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tv   [untitled]    December 15, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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they're not going to have their tax cuts and it's it's frustrating thanks so much very first rate thanks. ok we're taking a break we're going to talk about the house judiciary committee having a hearing on sopa and more thinks of the. internet only or military mechanisms. to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you. hear or see some other part of it and realize everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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if. i'm laurie mr. there's still believe in the.
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what a fantastic nobody seems to know. the number of pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. hi guys it's time for show and tell and i program last time we spoke about the occupy movement targeting ports along the west coast and the unions didn't take far and so now there seems to be a little bit of a division in opinion over the tactics and who they really help or hurt so if occupy continues using tactics like shutting down the ports could it create a split between the movement and the unions it's going to produce a patrice in a sense you to find out what you have to say. when occupy protesters try to strike a blow against the one percent by shutting down ports along the west coast who they
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are the most was it part owner of the ports goldman sachs or union workers who were prevented from working because their union did not endorse a strike was this an attempt at shutting down ports an effective means of protest for the occupy movement or does this move risk alienating unions across america will samir said actions in oakland were supposed to be in support of unions but if the activists continue to take action without consulting respect to workers and styled worker income then it will be a problem brandon agreed saying you really don't want to block common goods from flowing that's generally a big no no i'm an emmy told us unions do believe in civil disobedience but only when it doesn't hurt others who are not at fault how jimmy chavez feels that unions understand he said the brotherhood is too strong not to see the big picture the one percent have attacked unions for twenty years now cookies to a five so differently saying unions are part of the political system so if they're in the way disregard them now some view this one day of protests at the ports as
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a meaningful and effective way to keep the movement alive others thought going around the unions was not the right move now perhaps before shutting down ports again organizers will make more effort to get the unions they're fighting for on board. now as always we appreciate responses and here's our next question for you earlier in the show we spoke about the president reversing has promised to veto the national defense authorization act which includes indefinite detention provision for american citizens just the latest civil liberties betrayal of a long list but if you look at the white house's reasoning for stepping back on this you know we have to ask a very serious question do you think the president ever really cared about civil liberties let us know you think on facebook twitter and you tube and it was a response just might make it on air. now tomorrow p.f.c. bradley manning's article thirty two hearing at fort meade maryland will begin could last all the way until friday december twenty third and according to the defense department a hearing is closely akin to the civilian grand jury
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investigation and alternately decide whether or not the military has enough evidence to charge manning with the crimes that he's been accused of including the most serious charge of aiding the enemy now much like a civilian court each side is going to be able to call witnesses and make motions although unlike a civilian court the military exercises very tight control over the written filings and quite unlike a civilian court the trial be presided over by an investigative officer instead of a judge as we've previously mentioned on this show although the defense is allowed to call witnesses the government has come out against an overwhelming majority of those requested by bradley manning's defense team now some of those include president obama and even the secretary of state hillary clinton so as we discussed last week on the show the u.s. government is choosing to keep all of the information that manning is accused of leaking classified even though it's already available to anybody with an internet connection or of course the new york times description for that matter and because of this the hearings going to be closed to the public whenever any of the content of the cables are brought up and this includes any mention of the get most files
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collateral murder the war logs or any of the state department cables so obviously that's going to severely limit how much both the prosecution and the defense the media and the public are going to be able to hear probably reporters have faced for years at the trials were gone tonto where much of the case against detainees also were team classified now despite these difficulties for you to keep you updated on manning's hearing every step of the way and we will be back with more tomorrow. well the house judiciary committee has planned to vote on sopa today stop online piracy act but considering it that hearing went on for five or six hours only a few amendments out of sixty got debated thankfully it doesn't look like this thing might pass any time soon but is that because of serious objections from lawmakers or more so a lack of understanding of just what it is that they're about to do to the internet we've been talking about sopa and protect ip act at length here on this show we documented for you who is supporting it most notably the n.p.a. and who is opposed most notably every single tech company let's take
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a closer look at what the case sponsors of their bill are basing this legislation off of my class to get technical support of today tech dirt much of this is either false or misleading research joining me is declan mccullagh chief political response correspondent at c. net tech i want to thank you so much for joining us and you know before we get into some of the details what they're basing it off of in the research just from what i was monitoring watching other people's tweets watching some of the reporting it seemed like this hearing just got a little ridiculous almost like a circus i want to read you a tweet actually came from representative steve king that said we are debating at the stop online piracy act and sheila jackson has so bored me that i'm killing time by surfing the internet and i heard that that apparently. turned into a whole thing and she was upset about it i mean really is that what it came down to . yeah actually i hate to say it it did there's there are a lot of things that you could complain about here and the fact that. witnesses
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were never called to talk about the technical aspects of the fact that this was rushed through without a subcommittee vote without giving anyone a time to time enough time to read a revised version that came out this week but instead the only real discussion in the was about whether or not that tweet by a republican was offensive or not a democratic congresswoman. sheila jackson lee colored offensive that arguably violated the rules of the house and so all the discussions all the votes ground to a halt until she became convinced that she could maybe revise or retract that remark i. now i you know i guess it could be good news for us a little bit that at least it's not being voted on today and placed into law but i want to get your point because we haven't caught up on this in a little while as to the water down or the amended version that representative smith introduced this week to you to those amendments actually change anything or
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is it still censorship bill at heart well it's seventy eight pages and normally that might not be too long but this is taking post a while to digest and even some very smart members of congress who are on the judiciary committee there are lawyers said we still don't know exactly what the contours of this bill is and i'm having a discussion right now with someone about whether or not it includes blocking by ip address there's one interpretation that does one that it doesn't and certainly in involves blocking by forcing comcast eighteen t.v. verizon and whatnot to. refuse to resolve domains and so if you type in the pirate bay dot org the numero thing won't work but if you know the numeric address of the pirate bay does it still work i don't know it's him big you it. it seems to be cleaned up a bit the version i'm calling it sopa two point zero that came out on monday is cleaned up a bit it's narrowed a bit but it's still
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a wish list for big content in hollywood but do you also think that you know and i mentioned earlier my classics from textor he looked over smith i guess you could call it explanation for what he was basing this off of and mike basically said that a lot of this hard information had been debunked ages ago or a lot of it's misleading or the places where the studies you know or the research was conducted aren't exactly unbiased do you agree. no i think he's overstating overstating the case a tiny bit but in general i agree there's i mean look at your number of congress congress and you want to say i'm supporting copyright holders you're not going to do the research yourself you're going to rely on things that say copyright piracy cost ten billion dollars or whatever it is a year so what are you going to cite well it turns out that in a post on his official web site lamar smith took at face value a lot of what copyright lobbyist had been saying and that they're relying on
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studies paid for by copyright lobbyists and so we kind of exaggerate the problem. with this from a he's a conservative approach a perfectly post reading from the n.r.a. he has a perfect zero rating from the abortion rights action action league and and he's represents texas texas hill country he's a very on person to be hollywood's best friend on this but he is us because he chairs the house judiciary committee at rates copyright law. hollywood represents the number one donor to his two thousand and twelve congressional committee and so it's so he's become. he has a very close relationship with them now and i think it because he thinks that well conservatives should protect property rights a very good idea but instead what's happened is that he's turned it into conservatives must protect intellectual property rights even though it's they're different they're free speech concerns but he's just problem of thinking property rights or property rights but then at the same time you know are they sure i get it
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that you know the the motive the reasoning behind wanting to protect intellectual property that those are those are good things right nobody and all the tech giants that are opposed to the protect ip act are saying the exact same thing but is it worth it to you know to just pass some kind of legislation because you believe in your heart is the right thing to do despite the fact that the legislation might be faulty that it might make the problem worse you know are they getting to the point where they're just completely ignoring experts another one of the things that i noticed today when i was reading these tweets and falling was that they had you know mel or mel watt to that he didn't believe the engineers who built the d.n.a. system that this would actually work so they just found three random engineers and they came in and said the opposite. yeah and actually one of them is an engineer or bachelor there's a degree in political science then took some classes at carnegie mellon is a master degree but that's more like how to manage an internet stuff as opposed to how to program internet or how to actually build the internet so you know the way
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to technical opinion is really on the anti-civil cosigned so there's i think it's fair to say that the committee has not solicited technical advice i would not be surprised if a large portions of this bill were written by the motion picture association of america and the recording industry association of america there's i mean you could you could argue that if you're a member of congress you kind of want to do the right thing indeed and you're not always going to defer to what experts say and i think that's a fair point but in this case they're not even hearing what experts say it's important that we hear them before you decide whether to believe them or not well i couldn't agree with you more and that case you know at the moment it just seems like these are things that are going to come up more and more right as we start depending on technology more as the world changes more we're just going to have more complicated pieces of legislation and so it seems like we're going to need congress to either you know either we need some younger more tech savvy
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a lot of makers to start becoming members of congress or they really need to start listening to these experts declan i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight thank you. are just ahead of the show when fox news host thinks that brian paul's chance of grabbing the g.o.p. nomination merely a pipe dream tale straight ahead and ignites happy hour herman cain isn't running for president anymore but he does have his eye on a different position with the cabinet and the deaf in this make a living off of being famous for nothing but just wait until you see exactly how barbara walters grills but that famous breakfast. on. there still he leaves the rest in. on. like what a protester nobody seems to know. but never
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a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm charging is a big. blow
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to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. are you guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight we're giving it to a grumpy news host over at fox news and no it's actually not bill o'reilly fox news
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sunday is chris wallace is going to moderate night's g.o.p. debate in iowa and during a pre-debate interview with neil cavuto to answer some questions about the republican candidates so there's a listen to wallace's response when he was asked about ron paul. if you want to hear what. well. the ron paul people are not going to like my saying this but to a certain degree it will discredit the i will caucuses because rightly or wrongly i think most republic the republican establishment thinks he's not going to end up as the nominee so therefore i won't count and. what so paul wins and i was influenced just goes out the window it doesn't count this is exactly what's wrong with our media these days they pick and choose who gets to go to the debates they pick and choose who gets more coverage and if they don't like somebody at the people might actually choose it it just doesn't count that is ludicrous yes ron paul doesn't echo the typical talking points that we hear from bachmann santorum romney or gingrich or the g.o.p.
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establishment for that matter he is anti-establishment which is why people are liking him these days representative from texas is outspoken about the war on drugs he condemns the military industrial complex reining in america's foreign policy and surely you remember his disgust at said taras proposal for racial profiling in a previous debate so just to be precise is that the trend sounding religious profiling who would be present while the folks who are most likely to be committing these crimes if you look at i mean obviously it was people obviously muslims would be would be someone you look at absolutely those are the folks who are the radical muslims or the people that are committing these crimes as we've by and large as well as younger males i mean these are things that not exclusively but these are things that you profile to to find your best the most likely candidate. god forbid somebody from the republican side openly opposes the idea of racial profiling all right so it's pretty clear that he's not your typical g.o.p. candidate but that is not a bad thing and let me just remind everybody that according to i will polls people
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are getting behind ron paul in his message and in fact that in one register found that his support has jumped from seven percent in june to eighteen percent last month and he's currently ranked second behind newt gingrich. the latest polling from the american research group shows romney and paul tied at seventeen percent in iowa and gingrich at twenty two percent. and he's also got something the other g.o.p. candidates don't young college aged voters so whether or not he'll win it i was going to remain to be determined but chris wallace is just so eager to rush him off like the rest of the mainstream media he'd rather stick to appeasing people his own age the older generation who don't much fancy change and of course he only thinks of romney and gingrich as the real contenders i hate to be the one to point it out but you know what people's views do change society changes and reciting old rhetoric isn't necessarily going to do the trick people are tired of the same thinking and the same tired solutions that have failed us have a chris wallace would rather just prefer to keep his blinders on and try to make
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sure that is the worst suffer the same fate so i just cannot wait to see his face when somebody forces have to recognize that paul's campaign is getting stronger and now that he set up the offices in colorado minnesota and north dakota it's pretty clear the texas congressman doesn't plan to bow out anytime soon but now is just so much easier for a grabby chris wallace to just discredit and say somebody who doesn't like simply doesn't count and so for that he's tonight's told time where. ok it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening is r t web writer andrew blake and migrates associate editor at reason magazine and reason dot com thanks for joining me gentlemen your book are we going to actually happy hour stories are you with me here on this like if he wins and i would use a crystal doesn't count on the press while holding i find it infuriating yeah sort
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of i mean i or of noxious i don't know what was the right word i felt the same way sort of though i mean i'm guilty of the stukas i think when michele bachmann won the i was straw poll or took second whatever she did i immediately thought like what is not with iowans like the shouldn't count but the idea of ron paul winning i think if you count doubles i'm probably is going to use wallace just in the opposite direct. all of the. w. word of the governor good comes out of iowa they shouldn't get to pick this next guy like whatever like the iowa freaks good wrestlers in iowa wrestlers and like ashton kutcher and corny and well you know not even not even like you were there were no you could get corner you know that was just ethanol. you know i mean i've made the same argument a complaint is like why do place like i were in new hampshire has just sway and i don't think that's right. they can just grab a statement from this but still just say like that is. ok let's move on to
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somebody who no longer is with us in the presidential race but who didn't provide us with a lot of laughs and so let's first look at a little best of real of herman cain and his brilliant ideas on foreign policy and war and when they ask me who is the president of you beki beki beki beki stan stan i'm going to say you know i don't know. china as a potential military threat yes no military threat they've indicated that they are trying to develop nuclear but will to do you think i'm dumb enough not to study up on these issues i've been studying up on these issues for months. the guy clearly knows a lot about the worlds and who has nuclear weapons and so just taking all that in mind listen to what he said to barbara walters. what kind of cabinet position and i
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too like if it were possible we are speaking totally totally hypothetical right totally totally hypothetical department of defense what. yes it is the best thing you ever yes that was you got to love her journalism with those hard hitting hypothetical questions like it was i don't know i think it was a pretty good i wish somebody had asked him that after like his first foreign policy flubs we would have seen absolutely how crazy he was except we sort of saw him when he wanted henry kissinger to be his secretary of state you know bring him out of his cryogenic yeah yeah and jon stewart did a good thing about it last night where he was you know documenting all the people barbara walters gets to interview and how she was just interviewing the side and sat there straight face when he said i've never killed any of my own people i've been like herman cain's as i want to be secretary defense you know what. just blurted out uncontrollably i think jesse ventura has a better chance of being secretary of homeland security under like rick santorum but i mean again as of being secretary of defense under anybody i just don't know
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how he felt we got rid of him a week ago i thought it was over. and i don't think he's going anywhere people like him have you on fox news on the show if you like talk. mike huckabee being around talking around i mean if there is a reason to dawdle his back ok i know it's not that i'm not a witch lady oh. no that's great i wish more people felt the way i do not like who is christine o'donnell yeah. i wish i did i wish that i could just erase that part of my that everything but the ladybug costume. all right let's move on to another thing this is actually i like barbara walters for saying this so take a look at this. often described as famous for being famous you don't really act you don't sing you don't dance you don't have any to give me any talent but we're still entertaining people. to be. so happy that people can say or do you say things like that the you don't do anything you
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don't have any talent why are you famous it was more of a question than anything she asked assad if you just said it was like a mild mannered accidental dictator and she does care about there are just one and you're idiots you guys don't what is right is right action we're disproportionate thing where more and significant a person is like the harsher she is on them she's probably what's wrong with all of journalism in america to be completely honest i don't know i think i've actually been right like yeah yeah yeah. yeah i don't know she's the card actions are sort of entertaining they're like modern day gladiators when you think about it like their lives have no purpose other than to like satisfy the story we heard last we have for stupid people going on at the un so i wish i would no i don't wish that i don't i wish that i watched a little keeping up with the current actions of the colonial and the mark from time to time i will admit when a little a little on the now. tell me what you want oh i'm sorry roger the big story of getting only much really valuable educational material. this is not funny and we
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for the most part have tried to stay out of the whole sandusky story here on this show but sometimes it just gets a little too ridiculous to the point where you have to say are you freaking kidding me so just listen to this this is coming from the newest member of the defense team as to why showering with little boys us ok. teaching a person to shower at the age of twelve or fourteen would sound strange to some people but actually people work with trouble youth will tell you that there are a lot of juvenile delinquents or people who are dependent who have to be taught basic life skills like how to put soap on their body. are you serious. that guy is such a hack you have to teach little kids how to behave themselves because they're juvenile delinquents and have bad families and that's why it's ok for you to molest them in the shower. it's just i mean i there's i feel like i've got some jokes like welling up inside me about that segment but i can't see any of them because i will
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go straight to hell and i don't want to be there with that guy so who's got like a place with his name on it like engraved i don't i don't have any jokes to say two words. summer camp. exactly it was a long time ago. where people you know like fourteen year olds to each other for you know how to shower cap so that was my experience i was much more appropriate so there is i'm all for letting a fourteen year old and a fourteen year old if you are some again are you ok we're not you are. i think i mean a good thing if you go through puberty you know you know you're going to be with other teenagers the other teen and that's really there is now with grown men so let me add to. i think former iowa is going out so we got to wrap up the show they spent already answered over two hundred things it's going to go back tomorrow former governor of new mexico gary johnson is going to be on the show to discuss where his presidential run stands in the meantime don't forget to become a fan he went on facebook on twitter on you tube and coming up next is that maybe
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or maybe not. download the official ante up location. i pod touch from the. life on the go. video on demand all t.v.'s my old costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the. news today violence is once again fled up the phone these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are today.


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